Unless you are already working in a physically demanding job, such as a personal trainer, laborer, landscaper, or firefighter, your physical health is usually seen as pretty irrelevant. Well, as far as work goes anyway, right. Actually, this is completely wrong.

Now, more than ever before, it is becoming increasingly clear that it doesn’t actually matter what your role is or what industry you are in, physical health most certainly matters. It matters for you, personally. It matters for your ability to be able to function well at work.

Most of all, it matters for your psychological well-being. After all, are you aware that absenteeism is causing workplaces roughly $35 billion per year? However, being a physically healthy person will reduce your risk of being sick and unable to show up for work.

Our mental horsepower at work, our resilience in the face of stress, our energy levels, and much more are all directly related to our physical health and how we nurture it. Small business owners, in particular, are dealing with heightened levels of stress right now and a lot of it could be decreased with physical exercise.

Though, we aren’t saying you need to be ripped like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or running marathons every day. So, just keep that in mind. All we are saying is that physical exercise can make your body, mind, and soul feel far better which will increase your productivity, energy, and so much more.

In fact, studies have found a massive amount of evidence that suggests that physical exercise induces functional and structural changes within the brain. This has determined massive benefits on both well-being and cognitive functioning. This includes our memory, concentration, mental stamina, mood, creativity, and even stress levels.

This can also be a protective factor when it comes to neurodegeneration. While many business owners feel as if they don’t ever have the time to exercise in between their busy schedules or take care of themselves properly, they need to see it as more of an investment.

When you put your resources in, you receive more time, more efficiency, and become far more effective both in your personal and professional lives.

The Bottom Line

Physical exercise can help you with healthy circulation in your body. In return, your body will be supplied with sustained energy. The key to improving circulation in your body is movement and healthy mitochondria.

Much like computers that have an energy-saving option and sleep mode when they aren’t being used, the human body also has this exact same feature! Though, there are many consequences of switching into sleep mode in the human body. In fact, the consequences are much more severe than they are on your computer.

One of the simplest ways for you to care for your physical health is to start small, with your cells! Yes, your cells! Specifically, your mitochondria, whose main function is to convert energy from the food we eat into crucial energy for our cells to use.