Time management is almost always easier said than done. While we all can understand the importance of managing your time, especially in a work environment, it’s not always easily implemented across the board. While you may be great at time management, your employees may struggle, and vice versa. 

Don’t lose essential work time by lack of preparation. Follow these tips for better time management and you’ll surely see the results pay off in no time!

1. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

We had to list this one three times for emphasis! In a work setting, it’s always ideal to put your to-do list in order of importance and work down from there. Be sure to take the time to let your employees know the proper priority, as well.

Whether this means prioritizing a certain task for an important client, ordering your tasks by due date, or choosing to work on one client’s work at a time, ensuring you are putting things in cohesive order by priority is a key factor in time management.

2. Delegate

It’s easy to be swept up in deadlines – and let’s be honest, it’s fun to work off the thrill of a challenge. However, it’s unreasonable to think we can take on all of the outstanding tasks on our own without the help of others.

If you find yourself working late and not accomplishing tasks, your productivity going down, and the quality of work you’re delivering is much lower than normal, it may be time to delegate.

Even if you have to take the time to train someone else to assume some of your tasks, you’ll save more time in the long run not having to go back and fix your work after business hours.

3. Have a Plan

If your business works directly with clients to deliver a product or service, then having a plan is essential. While we can’t always plan as thoroughly as we want due to last minute requests and the fact that life just happens sometimes, we can do our best to get in a good rhythm for delivering things to folks on a certain day each week or month in order to best keep everyone on the same page.

If this isn’t possible, another solution would be to have a master list or spreadsheet that will allow you to easily track your progress per month and to make note of any other important information as it comes up.

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