According to Rocket Station Careers, “The POSEC Method is a way to divide your tasks into multiple categories according to importance, and assign an ample amount of time and effort to each.”

The acronym POSEC can be broken down into the following categories: prioritize, organize, streamline, economize, and contribute.

While this may seem complicated at first, by taking the process one step at a time, you can ensure you are maximizing your work day and accomplishing everything on your to-do list. 


To begin, you’ll want to assess all of your tasks and place them, in order by priority. Whether this means assigning each task a number or working it out in your head is entirely up to you, so long as you are able to make sense of it all.

Prioritizing allows you to have some stability in your work day and allows you to easily organize your tasks.


After prioritizing, be sure to organize your tasks, otherwise known as, coming up with a plan to complete them all. Whether this means delegating tasks to others or pulling up all the required data and software you’ll need to use, doing this will ensure your days go smoothly and tasks don’t creep up on you throughout the week!


Streamlining is essential for making sure we are completing tasks in the most efficient way possible. For example, you may want to begin downloading important documents or files before a meeting so they’re ready for your use afterwards. Otherwise, you’ll exit the meeting and have to waste time trying to prepare your materials for use, when you could’ve been downloading or updating them while you were busy in the meeting!


Economizing your tasks, or setting aside time to complete them is another important step in the POSEC Method. This will allow you to see directly what your time goes to and help keep you on schedule!

If you’re not exactly sure how much time a given task takes you, feel free to estimate! You can always go back and make adjustments later on.


This step in the process is essential for helping others and yourself. By contributing to others’ work, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and your colleagues and employees will appreciate it, too. Even just using his time to brainstorm and socialize with coworkers is essential for promoting productivity!

Do you need help implementing strategies like these and many others into your business to help remain productive, proactive, and have better time management skills? 

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