Customer feedback is a valuable asset to any company. Gaining this type of insight can help your business figure out potential improvements that can be made and what’s already working for them. 

Now, more than ever, a business’s reputation matters. Studies show that each time a customer is unhappy, they share their experience with 8 to 10 others. This can impact your business more than you know. Additionally, with social media as popular as it is, bad experiences can spread like wildfire, damaging the hard work you’ve put into your business. 

Asking for feedback is a great way to make improvements to your business and eliminate the chance of an unhappy customer. This also shows the consumer the seriousness of your business and your dedication to improvement.

There are a few ways and approaches to asking customers or clients for feedback. While the best one for your business will be different across the board, here are some suggestions.

Consider asking at the end of the transaction

Once completing a deal, sale, or any type of transaction with a customer, asking how their experience was with the company is always a great idea. Waiting until the very end and avoiding cutting them off as they’re inquiring for more information or are per-occupied with completing the transaction is the key here. 

Interrupting them or derailing the conversation is the fastest way to getting a negative review. Be sure to remain respectful, and wait until the customer has been completely taken care of to ask how their experience with your business went today.

Reach out with a survey

Not many people have time to fill out surveys in person anymore. That’s why many businesses have implemented surveys to be emailed to customers, listed on receipts, or even give customers the option to stay on the line after a call to leave feedback.

By allowing customers to complete these surveys on their own time, you’re more likely to get honest answers. Surveys are a great way to open the floor for advice from the public.

Offer incentives

A big motivator for consumers are incentives. By offering a free or discounted product or service in exchange for feedback, you’re guaranteed to get more well thought out answers than you would without offering something in return.

These incentives don’t have to be ground-breaking either. A 10% discount on a service or a free product is usually enough to grab the consumer’s eye. 

Feedback is invaluable in a business setting. It gives you a new point of view and allows you to make adjustments in your business to promote longevity. 

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