How to work fewer hours in your business

Ken sevick


Productivity is less dependent on the number of hours and more on the qualitative effects of each hour.


Productivity is less dependent on the number of hours and more on the qualitative effects of each hour. In other words, what you want is not to count the hours you spent at the workplace but make those hours count.


Along with good communication with your team members, that means you’ve to prime your systems and processes for efficiency and not the volume of work. Here are some ways in which you could work fewer hours in your business yet be more productive.


1. Daily and weekly to-do list

  While everyone knows the importance of a daily list, what you also need is a weekly to-do list. Unless you write it down on a notepad or an app, it won’t get done. Writing it down also means that you’ll subconsciously prioritize the jobs


Importantly, you’ll have several mini accomplishments during the day as you finish the tasks and cross off those items.

2. Focus on the big two to three tasks

Just because you’ve got a to-do list doesn’t mean you’ve got to fill it up. As a business owner or manager, you must value your time. This means focusing on only the important things. 

Not everything needs your attention and you should resist the urge to be on top of everything. Know what jobs will have the biggest effects on your business and concentrate on those.

3. Delegate

While you take care of the two or three important tasks every day, ensure that you delegate the rest to your team. When you delegate, trust that your colleagues will be able to deliver. 

You don’t have to supervise or micromanage them. Remember that the most empowering statement in the English language is “I trust you to do it.” 

4. Control your distractions

 Your smartphone can be your biggest ally or enemy depending on how you use it. If it constantly sends notifications, distracts you from whatever you’re working on, and forces you to check social media, email, or chat, then it’s ruining your focus, productivity, and even your mental health. 

So, turn down all notifications and focus on the task at hand. Fear of missing out is for people who have the fear of focus. 

5. Take breaks 

What you need is to actively schedule breaks in your calendar. There should be regular five-minute breaks every hour and a longer break in the afternoon. Make sure that you don’t turn it into a time block for obsessively checking your phone. 

Relax, take a deep breath, and be present. Go for a walk or listen to your favorite track. This is your time to replenish and reenergize. 

In short

 One of the most common misconceptions in business is that productivity is a function of how hard you work. Most entrepreneurs and business owners who live by this assumption believe that since it’s their business, they’ve to spend long hours at the workplace.

But longer hours not only don’t lead to productivity, but they also lead to burnouts and physical and mental issues. What’s needed are fewer but focused and more fulfilling hours.


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